Vorige Volgende

Luc Tuymans

Premonition - 2016 [cat.73]

This limited edition print is published to celebrate Luc Tuymans’s curation of the exhibition 'Intrigue' in London. It has been printed in the historic RA Schools.
The starting point for Premonition was a characteristically unsettling drawing on lined paper by Tuymans of the same name. This drawing also features on the cover of Tuymans’ book of drawings published in 1997.
On the image, Tuymans has said - “what interested me here was the idea of the clown as a disguise, the nature of friendliness as something deceptive, and of dangerousness, which is connected to anonymity. The stereotype of the clown’s face is enhanced by the sunglasses”. 
  • Size : 44.00 x 35.00 cm
  • Type : Screen print
  • Edition : 80
  • Available : Yes.
  • Editor : Royal Academy of Arts - London
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